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Is the next generation of managing insect problems with an improved organic wash soap, which is soft on the environment, no with holding period and a zero residue product.
Agro-Hytec Soap is made from Potassium salts of fatty acids of vegetable oils, with the use of coconut oil. This eliminates solvent phytotoxicity and evaporation. The insect basically suffocates on contact and it cannot build up a resistance. It is therefore important that contact be made with the insect.



Is an adjuvant that gives better spraying characteristics than just water with wetters. Spraytech Oil begins with an encapsulation process, which controls the droplet size. Control the droplet and you reduce the downside of spraying and increase the overall chemical efficiency.



Is a unique organic product for using in drip irrigation system. Drip-A-Tron is formulated from five key elements to clean dirty dripper lines and drippers for even water distribution and fertilisers. The intermittent use of Drip-A-Tron will maintain drip irrigation systems through the season for trouble free watering. Clean irrigation systems save on labour and pumping costs. Even water distribution will increase production and quality



Is a unique organic product for use in dams to remove slime, algae and odours, Maz-Zal is formulated from numerous key elements to minimize slime and algae build-up thus preventing dirty filters. The intermittent use of Maz-Zal will maintain water systems through the season for trouble free watering. Cleaner water systems save on labour and pumping costs.



Is the organic product to use, for maximum protection against freeze and frost damage on all agricultural crops. Frost-Shield is a scientific product formulated by modern research to form a micro thin protein polymer coating on the plant, blossoms and fruitlets. This permeable coating retards transpiration, thus slowing down the rate of the cooling process. The internal temperature of the fruit is kept above freezing point. Frost-Shield will give full strength protection at -4°C.



Is a scientific organic product, formulated by modern research to be used as a protection against sunburn damage and losses caused by heat stress on all agricultural crops. The protective coating of Sun-Shield is a micro thin permeable screen and will not restrict plant growth or fruit development.



Is a plastic fastening clip designed to hold plant stems and shoots to a wire. Its design minimizes the chances of “ring barking” and is flexible enough to expand as the shoot thickens. It’s easy application saves time and labour costs and can be used for various seasons depending on climate conditions. It can be produced in various colours, however for easier identification amongst the canopy yellow is the preferred colour.



Is a wire clip used in the grape vine industry that holds together the two parallel wires between which passes the vertical vine shoots. It’s design ensures that it remains on the wire but can be unhooked to enable further shoots to be bundled. Made of galvanised wire ensures that the e-clip is an investment which will last the lifetime of the vine.



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